Friday, March 4, 2011

Creating Beautiful Cross Stitch Heirlooms

Cross stitch and needlework pictures often become family heirlooms.

It is important that our family heirlooms are properly preserved for future generations.

As a professional picture framer I have reframed many old pieces that have gotten stained or moldy over the years because of improper framing.

I have also stitched many pictures over the years and would like to share with you some tips on creating beautiful cross stitch heirlooms.

1. Wash your hands before working on your cross stitch. The oils from your hands can soil the fabric which may be difficult to remove.

2. Do not pull the stitches too tight; that will cause the stitches to pull at an angle. Your finished needlework will not be square. It would make it very difficult for the framer to square up your picture; pulling too hard on it might cause some of the stitches to break.

3. Always keep your stitches going in the same direction. Your finished needlework will look smooth and professionally done.

4. Do not tie off your stitches; simply thread them through other stitches to hold them in place. Knotting will cause your finished needlework to appear lumpy when stretched.

5. Don't leave your project in hoops for long periods at a time. Ring marks are often difficult to wash and iron out.

6. Clean your completed needlework with mild soap and water.

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