Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creating My First Cross Stitch Heirloom

I started cross stitching about twenty years ago and have been in love in the craft ever since. Needing a picture for my kitchen I spotted this kit called "Willowware Classic" by Bucilla at a local craft store.

I did not know a thing about cross stitching before I took on this project. Several months after I completed it I entered it at a local craft fair competition and won a "Best of the Show" ribbon.

From this my first completed project I developed my interest in picture framing which led me to become a professional picture framer.

Over the years I have worked on many more projects, some of which are proudly displayed in my home and others that I had given away as gifts to family members.

I will be showing more of my completed projects in future blogs. Each of my projects are beautifully framed and have their own unique stories.

Thank for visiting. 



  1. Hello Elsie,
    congratulations with this wonderful work!
    I like the design very much.
    Happy stitching, Svetlana

    1. Thank you - I'll be adding more of my cross stitch work along with my framing projects soon.